We offer the Quran Transliteration, the text of the Quran that can help non-Arabic people to read and study the Holy Quran.

The transliteration can help to pronounce the Arabic words.

Quran Transliteration means each Arabic word is converted in English letters that the pronunciation sounds similar to the Arabic version.

An easier way to read the Qur’an, free on your phone!

Do you find difficult to read the Quran in Arabic? Arabic words are not easy to understand and pronounce: That’s why Quran was transliterated to make it easier and simple.

With Quran Transliteration you can recite the Quran like if you were reading in Arabic.

Enjoy the Quran, the voice of Allah and the only source of faith. The divine Word was revealed to prophet Muhammad and written in 114 chapters called Surahs.


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